Color of Nature 大自然的呼喚

Birds of the garden poster 1
很愛雀鳥 ,尤其是牠們身上的羽毛, 豐富的顏色及千變萬化的組合, 總令人驚歎大自然的創造者, 肯定是一個藝術家.

每個人都會有特別喜愛的顏色, 單從身上的服飾配搭便略知一二.  為什麽有些人在色彩配搭上總比別人出衆呢? 即使一身紅黄藍綠, 配襯出來的效果不單止沒有凌亂的感覺, 反而是出奇地舒服, 甚至有嘉年華會的熱情、喧燦.

事實上並不一定要有專業訓練才能有運用色彩的能力, 受過美術或設計訓練只是其中一個幫助提升這個能力的途徑, 讓我們對顏色世界有多一點認識. 但是如果你擁有一對富洞察力的眼睛, 便會從大自然當中學習到色彩運用的"祕技".

樹葉的深淺綠, 黄昏的紅橙黄, 日出前的透明魚肚白, 夜幕低垂的藍與黑. 花朵雀鳥、山脈雪地、星空北極光......說不盡的色調. 你所需的配色事典就在身邊, 不用花一分一亳, 我們能不向大自然致敬嗎?

Bird - especially their feather is always my favorite,
Birds of the garden poster 2what a million color combination, our creator must be an artist.

Everyone has his/ her own favorite color choice, it's easy to tell from what their wear or what they've pick in their product of daily living. But why can some one always make the right choice, presenting the color in such a gorgeous way; even though it seems they are melting in red, green, yellow, blue...still, so harmonize without a pitch of messy, but only the greeting of carnival. 

Truly speaking, there is not any secret training or professionalism that we must have to achieve this ability. But is for sure you will learn more in a wider and deeply sense of color technique by training as an artist or designer. To us, if only if you have a pair of open eyes and learn from the nature.

Shades of green from tree leaves, red yellow orange in the sunset, transparency white and all kinds of grey in dawn, the mysterious blue and black in the twilight zone. All those wonderful color mixing in flower & bird, valley & ice burg, star night & the northern light......this valuable "color guide" is here, free of charge, you can read from any moment at anywhere, salute to our nature? 101%