Why this for Book One?

Art Nouveau métro station entrance in Paris 1er
Hi, hi,

A forever love feature in Paris, it may be familiar with many of you, right? 

Art Nouveau, one of my favorite style, beautiful ornate details, feminine, soft & stylish. You can find this everywhere in Paris, just locate at every metro entrance, this is the one at Pont Neuf near The Louvre. Besides this, any where at shops, apartments, signage,
posters, architecture...,etc.

I especially love the arrangement of this station...instantly at my first sight. I saw this quite a number of times in design book or traveler's guide before, but when I were actually there, right in front, the joy is speechless...

When I touched the metal balustrade, feeling the crafted details of the flower stem, how they were extended to the railing, embedded & "melt" into the base; how it hold tight to "Metropolitain", the "blood red" flower bud not yet light up and will then transform into "Moulin Rouge red" at night; four illuminate round "dots" lead you to the aged underground world... I think I should stop here :P

So when I returned to Hong Kong, decided to begin my Book One, it was used as my reference to draw the book cover. 
I hope you like it ,too.