My King James

King James bible with timber cover

Why King James Version and what is it? 
If you have one, by comparing with the following words, you will know what versions it belongs to.

For example:-  Genesis Chapter 1:1  
heauen (original Hebrews typeface) - 1611 version
heaven - 1769 version as well as in Modern English version

You can easily find the details in WiKi and also www.kingjamesbibleonline.org ; worth to check it out. Basically it can be known as:-

The King James Version (KJV), or
The King James Bible (KJB), or
(AV) The Authorized Version.

It is one of the most accurate English translation of the Christian Bible to be read in the Church of England under the authorized of King James, translated by 54 translators worked for 7 years. 

What I am having should be a 1769 standard version because 1611 version was using the archaic English language in the Elizabethan & Jacobean era; whereas the 1769 version is more “readable” and still reserve it’s poetic feeling with a flow of rhythm, so when you read out loud, they sounds beautifully.

Letter inside King James 1769 standard version bible


Some other words like: remoone (1611), remove (1769  and modern version) in Corinthians 13:2 
It’s quite easy to identify and of course you will also find a letter "To the most high and might prince James" at the front page of the bible, too.

Back of Timber cover King James bible with etching of Jerusalem wording

My King James Bible was a wonderful gift from my husband during his “flying” to Israel yearssss....before. The timber cover (walnut or sycamore may be?) is sooooo....special & human.
I choose to use the “ancient” verses in KJV for the highlight im my Point Zéro which are exactly what I wish my reader could read them loud to enjoy the "classic breeze", that’s why here they are, I hope you’ll love it! Enjoy!

P.S.: stain inside page are due to deterioration only.


Where are the hearts?

The Church of Saint Germain l’Auxerrois in Paris
The Church of Saint-Germain I'Auxerrois

It may be a good time to write this book cos’ we are in the shadow of Covid-19 in the whole world, but while I am completing book 5 and ready to release, vaccines brings us a small light beam....a little hope, at least.

To recap some of the sceneries while the early explosion of the pandemic, some people thought it’s only a matter of life & death, so they just don’t care and reject any protection act but “Freedom of their own” not others who also has “Freedom to survive, being free from affection by others.”

Not until the reality force everybody on earth to face it’s cruelty, we’ve already lost millions & millions of life, thousands & thousands of families became fragments.

Sometimes, I was thinking, isn’t it a similar scenario to our religious belief? 

In Paris, there are numerous église = cathedral/ church, some were built centuries before (like the one above was found around 7th Century), a truly historical monument. They are breathtaking especially when you’ve entered, to experience the atmosphere of  its’ holiness, remember Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre? Or église St-Eustache near Forum des Halles? Although there were mass held every week or even daily, a place for the faithful hearts, in fact, Catholic or Christian who still attending regular mass or Sundry services are rare nowadays in this country, why?

Stunning interior of the Basilique du Sacré Cœur
Basilique du Sacre-Cœur

I was quite surprised when I knew it, meaning the flourishing of église doesn’t reflect the flourish of spiritual lives. 

Would the Bohemia life style can bring us some hints? a life style that attracts me, too; or, if we really living in this way, when facing the question of life & death again one day, not only on earth but above, could we be “vaccinated”? 

...I’m afraid the answer is no!



Start from Point Zero

Notre Dame in Paris inside hoarding

I still remember the moment when I was watching the news in Hong Kong, one day just a month before my departure...

Notre Dame was on fire!

Originally I though it was some archived report, but NO, the nightmare is right NOW on 4 Sept., 2019. Followed by the faces of the citizens appeared on Tv, I feel their sadness, too... no one would or willing to accept the reality because Notre Dame, like many other heritages in France, she is unique & non-replaceable!

Notre Dame is a Gothic style cathedral built in the year of 1163, located in île de la cité of Paris. Bell tower above 400 steps, magnificent rose window, gorgeous ornate flying buttresses or the “mysterious” gargoyles; one of the largest 7800 pipes organ in the world, royal treasure collections...all are worth to visit; plus...

Point Zéro des Routes de France: the bronze star, the “kilometre zero plaque” which indicated the calculation starting point of road distance in France. Besides “Raft of the Medusa” in the Louvre, this is my second goal in this trip, but now, it’s vanishing, I do feel disappointed & trying to figure out what to do? cancel the trip? change my itinery? 

Experts expect a four to five years recovery is required, at least; so, I am thinking how about to go, say “hello”to her, bring her some“comfort” may be, or at least a blessing from Hong Kong... sounds great?

I am sure I’ll finally have my chance to complete my goal some years later, although the originality may not be the same, we can view from another angle, as my beliefs always; no matter what, it’s our choice to locate the Point Zero after all!

New release book - Point Zéro by Oiseau Distrait
click to enlarge
Cést parti ! 
follow me in Point Zéro - book Five of Petit Paris.


Free the "bottleneck"

Yesterday, I've decided to remove the price tag to Pont Neuf, my first book, i.e.: e-book version will be giveaway from now on. Why? well, just want to, while I am writing the 6th book, which is almost 50% of the whole Petit Paris series, I think it may be a good time to do so & make it.

Experienced writers advised newbie like me, there is always a bottleneck when you've written in the middle of the book, if you can overcome it, you will most likely to complete the whole; otherwise, may stuck and failed to finish at the end, because it's a lonely job & easily get frustrated.

Although I am writing in some what 30 to 60 pages of each only, it can be combined as one whole book, which is also my original idea. By dividing them into 12 mini books, there are some advantages indeed:

- I can reduce my pressure to complete a 600 pages book all in one time

- they can be written in separate topics to cover a lot more issues discovered in the trip

- less stress by extending the production time from one year to three as a whole, meaning I can    still have time to work on other jobs between the writing intervals

- to practice and improve my writing & drawing skill one after another 
  (hopefully it did work :p)

- Best of all : I can draw 12 different book covers - sounds amazing ?!

click to enlarge

In fact, I do need space for me to learn, review, revise & achieve a lot more improvement, which is the most valuable experience and enjoyable process as being a self published writer. 

I am looking forward to a date in 2022, December may be to complete this series, wish you can walk with me to the destiny of this petit journey!

p.s. - Be my guest to enjoy your Pont Neuf copy from Google Books or Apple books





重看星聲夢裡人~La La Land

Poster of La La Land
Written & Directed by Damien Chazelle
今天是農曆新年初二, 説真的, 假期對我們這些自由工作者來說和平日是沒有太大分別的, 正如一個朋友年卅晚問我, 我也是一樣的回應. 但畢竟, 地盤是收爐了, 課堂仍未開始, 疫情下沒什麼聚會, 街頭上也相對冷清… 除了可以專心寫作, 寧靜地渡過節日也是幸福!

適逢最近電視重播明珠930~還記得是我多年前每每不用加班便在家追看的節目. 昨晚重播 La La Land 星聲夢裡人, 其中一部我較喜愛的電影. 它的"名氣" 不用我多説, 有齊電影賣座的元素, 而電影中的歌曲實在好聽. 主角  Ryan Gosling 及Emma Stone 把我們帶入如幻似真的追夢之旅, 原創歌曲 City of Star 是百聽不厭, 他們的演譯, 爵士樂演奏和舞姿也是細緻和優美.…

第二次重看, 卻被一場講述 Emma Stone 試鏡時所唱的一首歌深深吸引, 非常可能, 它會取代City of Star 在我心中的位置… 對了! 正是 The Fools Who Dream (節錄如下)


一個唱出來的故事, Mia ( Emma Stone) 劇中角色, 一心夢想成為演員; 述說姑姑在巴黎塞納河 的一次 ‘瘋狂’ 行為...

“Leapt without looking 
And tumbled into the Seine
The water was freezing 
She spent a month sneezing
But said she would do it again

Here’s to the one who dream
Foolish as they may seem
Here’s to the hearts that ache
Here’s to the mess we make...

... A bit of madness is key
To give us new colors to see
Who know where it will lead us
And that’s why they need us...   “

(Song:Justin Hurwitz/ Lyrics: Benj Pasek & Justin Noble Paul/ Performed by: Emma Stone)

無論對追尋成為純爵士樂手的 Sebastian (Ryan 電影中角色) 還是演員的Mia 而言, 對他們內心的爭扎, 還能有更貼的形容嗎? 追夢似乎是愚不可及, 尤其當我們山窮水盡, 生活拮據之時, 我們會懷疑自己的能力, 不確定的所謂才華, 甚至可能枉費了的時日.…但這裡卻再次告訴追夢者
追夢的瘋狂正是令你生命不再一樣的鑰匙 !   
你願意和我們一起瘋狂嗎 ?!



Petite Fleur

 Green meadows backyard in Musée Rodin in Paris
It's easy to find a garden you like anywhere in Paris, there will be one nearby, the well known: Jardin des Tuileries, Jardin du Luxembourg, Jardin des Plantes, Parc du Champ de Mars (the one next to Eiffel Tower); or Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, Parc laVillette...,etc.Some others are more private, like this one inside Musée Rodin, or the one in Maison et Jardins de Claude Monet. But from time to time when I pass the streets, other forms of "garden" can be found.
Pinkish green vine on stone walls of buildings in Paris
Here they are, somewhere near the Saint Paul's Village, so cool, right? Looks like an unfinished painting on canvas, more to go & imagine!
Or, most of the times, you will find small flowerbeds are right next to your appartment, along the street or at most of the Parisian's balcony. It's difficult for me to miss any of them because they are so flourish and attractive
Staircase like apartments in Montmartre
And you will never be disappointed because, here in Paris, people not only create their own garden wherever possible, but take great care and keep cultivate, that's why they are always look amazing. If the same theory applies to the secret garden in our heart, I am sure it works 101%, too! Floral gardening along street corners in ParisWish you can find yours in this Merry Christmas ;)