Miss Lady Air Bag

DIY Miss Lady air bag with smiley faceHi everybody, I am Miss Lady Air Bag, how is your day? happy? sad? busy? messy? joyful? boring? if you feel lonely at any time, just come to me, I will give you a big hug full of warm and sweet air.

I was created by protoworkricky in year 2009, he is a colleague of protoworkannie (yes, I am living in her office right now). She usually work alone in the morning, or sometimes in holiday, so I was created to be a companion to her.Not joking, everyday in the morning when she's back to office, during coffee break, working in the backyard or leaving office, she will talk to me; it always seems that she can get a full recovery of energy after that.

Having companion is important in our life, especially when we are experiencing different up and down situations. He/ she can be a human, a pet, a pot of plant, a diary, or even a toy like me.

What I just want to say, you are not alone if only if you are willing to share of just say "Hi" to the one next to you, they are always there and ready be your companion.

p.s. - I know my photo is not sharp, because I was too excited to have my first photo and I was swinging and laughing.


Patrice said...

This is interesting. It is true that we all need a companion, whatever that/who it may be.
As a kid I remember having a diary where I wrote (mostly poems) about however I was feeling. It seemed to be my little therapy. Now that I'm older, I find it hard to keep a diary. Life gets too busy for that stuff. Hence, I resort to blogging - where I put my thoughts out there for the world to see, share...for the world to be my companion.

I diary or a book may work for me, just as Ms. Lady airbag works for you.

antleeli said...

Me too. I used to have a diary long time ago when I was still a teenager. I have another crazy act, if I need a companion whenever in some situation that I can't visit my favourite stuff, I will talk to myself, to another protoworkannie character A, B, C...

p.s. - don't worry, I am still normal in the mean time... cheers.

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