Mr. Ultraman

ultraman in his gardenIt was year 2002, a sunny afternoon; I was sitting in the box of a second hand store on the floor of street side, somewhere in Sheung Wan. A girl passing our store, looked at me for a while then walked away. I thought, well, another stranger that would not be interested in me...such an old toy.

After half an hour, I saw her again from far far away, then gradually she came closer and closer to me, she looked at me again and picked me up. The owner sold me out in HK$30.00, that was around US$3.8. My heart beat very fast, I was really excited and wanted to know what would my future be?

On that sunny afternoon, I was go to have my lunch with colleague as usual, when I walked passing a second hand store, I discovered an Ultraman in a box of old toys. His design and excellent proportion told me that he was an original design from Japan - his home town. I told myself that I had to save him from the box; so I finished my lunch within minutes and went back to the store, I really doubt if the owner would ask for too much that I couldn't afford, but how lucky to me, I paid and put him in my hand full of joy.

I was being cleaned and stand right next to this girl's office desk, she told me that I will be her guardian from now on. Whenever she felt upset or received too much pressure from her boss, she would look at me and I said, "you can overcome this!".

Years passed, she was resigned and I stayed at her home for a while right next to a sunny window with plants as my neighbourhood, how relaxed. I used to tell myself that I was no more value and being treated as rubbish some years ago, I retrieve my respect and confidence of being a guardian to a human being today, just simply because of I am glad to be in this position, I know I gain respect if I respect my job, even if not as great as to "save the earth".

Where am I now? of course in her new office again, because we depend on each other...this is my precious value that I treasure.