You've got mail

vintage red postal box in Japan
Last month, I saw a T.V. news reporting there was a new shop opened in Beijing called "郵政慢遞"meaning : Slow Post.The idea is you can write a letter to anyone, set a specific delivery date, tomorrow, a week, a month, a year or even 50 years later; the post office will keep your letter in their safe box and send out on time. Is that interesting? just like a real function " Time Capsule".

You can imagine that, it attracts a lots of customer instantly. Some of them write to their parents after 30 years of making promise to some achievements; some to their lovers, their kids or even to themselves. The owner said they will try their very best to deliver the mail because they thought this is not only a business, but a kind of "romance". I take a break afterward, and think...yes! this is the kind of romance that we've forget and lost somehow someday.

My colleague always wonder why I feel so happy to make a post to the mail box, even it is only a business letter. I think this is the reason, the feeling of waiting a reply, to deliver something to someone waiting on the other side of the world ... by starting to write on a selected paper, a card, putting into an envelop, add a stamp and walk to the nearby mail box; all action we've did is for preparing a connection to someone.

Although in modern world our email replace most of the paper transfer, and I do support to reduce using paper in any channel that we can, but I still wish to receive/ send a real Christmas card and once to enjoy the "romance of waiting"....