My Safe Haven - Lawson

Lawson- a Japanese 24hrs convenient store that I lovedNight time Lawson in Japan
most. I remember when I was first visited it almost 15 years ago in Tokyo, I loved it instantly and tend to walk in wherever I found one on street.

Originally I thought it is because of the items that sell inside are so attractive in terms of it's extra mini size and lovely package design, but it shall be the atmosphere that it gives me a feeling of "safe haven".

Besides snack, hot or cold drinks, oden (a Japanese winter dish of boiled egg, daikon radish...,etc in a specific soup), beer, desert, magazine, maps, newspaper, body wash, lotion, toilet paper, one time battery charger......., etc, etc.Any thing that your daily life need can be found inside such a small store, no matter when, even in the late night of 3:00, you are lack of nothing.

This morning, when I preparing this post, I take a break from my tag to Lawson and discover that, besides of the feeling of safe haven,it reminds me that our life can be simple and basic, what we human actually need to sustain our life is not much, but we are really over consuming. We need clothing but not couture, we need food but not big dishes, we need a shelter but not an over decorated flat...I doubt whether we can walk backward and back to our basic, if we can, our planet and next generation will have a chance.