Secret Garden

Staircase towards shine in AkihabaraWalking in Akihabara of Tokyo, it's quite the same as other small modern city; lots of people, mini size residential, lots of small shops, promotion advertisement everywhere. A stunning scenery that attracts me...greenery around hundred steps of staircase among red brick architecture, that leads to a Torii ( A traditional Japanese Shinto gate) in bright red, I think there must be a shrine behind, a place for city people to find their peace of mind if only if they are willing to take a break.

We have our own secret garden, too; a place deep into our heart, where we can be true to ourselves. We can take off our mask, no matter it's the role of an employee, a father, a wife, a professional, a son, a friend, a lover, a supporter......we can express our happiness, sorrow, depress, anger, fear...without affecting anyone.We can also gain recovery, rejuvenate our body and mind by just load down our burden for a little while.

It's not difficult to create one, but never ever stuck into it and refuse to come out and face the reality anymore, or otherwise we will make such an amazing place as a trap in our life, a place where we refuse to grow up......this is for sure not the intention of a "secret garden".