Vanishing Beauty

Iron floor plate with traditional Japanese pattern in the parkWhen I saw this on the grassland of a park in Japan, I thought it was a manhole cover; when I walked closer, it's not what I thought but a decor or a sign - a beautiful metal piece with bird, tree, sakura and the park's name.

You may say "why bother?"if comparing with the size of the park, this icon is so small even visitor may not aware of it's existing.

Actually this is something that I admire - detailing with sense of beauty. Not only Japanese, there were lots of good craftsmen found in Europe, or even old Chinese; they had technique as well as good sense of beauty, but are now vanishing !

Technology creates new materials which control the outlook of the end product, see what we've got in our modern architecture ? curtain wall, curtain wall and lifeless curtain wall......designers or architects are no more working by their design sense, but the availability of product or technique in the market.Where are the architecture master like Gaudi who left us the marvelous Sagrada Familia, Guell Park, Casa Batllo'? Human feel stone structure with fine metal details......

Hey! protowork annie, you must be insane, we are in the year 2010; there is no luxury time waste for such an art piece. We need "landmark" that draw money to our city !!

I know, but I just want to take a break from the reality of what money oriented lifestyle that surround me; and that's why I can only write a post to express my never come true desire here.
I will wake up then, just give me one more minute.


Patrice said...

Oh wow! it's beautiful. I must agree that if you never really brought my attention to it I might have just passed it by. I see the birds, some flowers, something that looks like a tree; but I am yet to see the park's name. Perhaps its written in Chinese.

Thanks for taking it back to basics :)

wasaweb said...

Sometimes people do not care for art and architecture, or they had their sense of beauty robbed. I spend a lot of time in Brussels, and some buildings by Victor Horta and other Art Nouveau architects are truly magnificient. It was 'total art', so the exterior and the interior of the buildings were in harmony. A few still stand, but in a process called bruxellisation, many structures were left to rot, usually by greedy landlords who wanted to build taller apartment blocks, and we have lost a number of fine buildings that we can only admire in photographs. We should always be able to appreciate the small and beautiful things in the world - many thanks for this post!

protoworkannie said...

Thanks Patrice & Wasaweb,

Yes, the parks name is in Chinese located at the bottom, very small.Sometimes I think it can be further reduce as a medallion or brooch.

I like Art Nouveau and Art Deco as well, actually quite a nos. of other design style. I feel sad to those you've said as bruxellisation, this happens the same in many country, and the worst is in China and even H.K. now a day, the government just demolish the whole architecture and replaced by modern monster. I always feel so say to the "no return1"

margg. said...

So very beautiful.

protoworkannie said...

Hi little bird, so happy to hear your voice this morning, thanks!

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