Mrs. fox & her little fox

Mrs Fox & her little foxI am sitting in the window display of a small shopping mall, there are 5 of us - little fox. When I see a girl standing in front of us, I try my best to stand straight and shout to her: Hey! I am here......bring me home...

I don't have confidence because I am the only one who has a torn ear, I am not perfect......but surprisingly she choose me as she said, I am special; so I follow her and live happily in her house.

***one year later***

I can't remember when was the date I began to sit here - the trolley of Salvation Army Second Hand Store.I don't know what will my destiny be, as a doll, I am a bit large; as a gift, I am not as attractive as barbie; and I am second handed.....while I am still depressing as usual, I was held by a girls hand and bring me home; she said, I must be the mother of her little fox. Yes, my little fox, where are they?

Life is amazing, even if you think you are not as good as others, God made you unique; what you need is to accept and treasure what you have and what you are. There is always an invisible link to bring you back to someone that care about you and whom you belongs.