Coke or Pepsi ?

cold drink cabinetThis is the first post in year 2010, what should the content be?...... Let's talk about blogging.

Have you discovered that when you are thirsty and need something to drink, you may be attracted by those beverage in hundred of choices, full of colourful packages and new taste? But at the end, you may still go for Coke or Pepsi?

This is my experience, like reading blogs. I have my special preference of blog that I like, same as you guys; I like blogs that is not too long, meaningful and have true feeling of the author. Or in another approach of informative only with good selected content.

At the end of year 2009, I take a break and think, may be I should try to stay a little longer on those blogs that are not my usual cup of tea, some blogs which tell special experience, weird inventions, boys and girls, DIY fashion or music...,etc. See if they can inspire me, too. A change of taste to wider our view may be good, O.K. so how about lemonade or fruit vinegar?