Beautiful life

也是太陽花A lot of people said, they own their life, so they will live as they wish. How to live in such a short period? 50 years, 60 or 80 years...... are all depends of what we want it to be like.

We may wish to achieve success in our career, at least be a successful person in others' eye; so we keep on studying, work hard, being promoting, again and again until we get reach to the desire level as we think we should be.

We may wish to be accepted as part of the group, so we talk like them, think like them, dress like them; play what they play, ignore what they hate until we think we were in.

We may wish to tell others that we are meaningful and our life is full of fruitful rewards, so we arrange thousand and thousands of task for ourselves to achieve; helping others, learning new things, doing exercise, seek for new friends, participate in all events, chasing all new or hot technology...until we get exhausted and seems we are not wasting a minute.

Are these wrong? No! definitely not, there is no right or wrong of how we live as far as we know why & enjoy. But if we can take a break, I would like to ask, will it be nice if we can live as simple as a sunflower, it's life time is short, it is small, no pleasant aroma, fragile; but blossoms to reflect it's best, has confidence in her face, be what she is , being true to herself as simply as a small flower who wake up by the sun every morning, the only one task is to deliver the warm to anyone who meet her,I think...... this is a beautiful life.