Kunming - My first fly

Coffee in KunmingSix years ago, I started my China business trip for one of my client. To me, it's a bit excited but not attractive; because I am the kind of person who don't have much good impression to the China cities, especially I had to deal with a big problem that time - my first client, my first project and my first fly.

Kunming is well known as a good travel spot, it has brilliant weather and scenery. It is quite far away from H.K., as far as I've remember it took almost 4 hours for me to fly, but fortunately was I took the Dragonair, so the facility and airplane lunch were good enough to me.

I was travel with my client, so we went to the site straight away after arrival and worked till 9 p.m., followed by a very deluxe dinner with their franchisee (actually I was already exhausted, so I needed a coffee instead of chicken) and went back to site by 11:30p.m. until......1 a.m. something......

It was around 8 in the morning, I was sitting in the hotel coffee shop, waiting for the confirmation of whether I needed to stay for another day to assist. The coffee was not good to taste, the world outside window was not attractive, but this was the moment that I waited so long, alone. I knew there were much more for me to discover other than the business zone here; but my time was so limited and my thought was full of work.

A few hours later, I left the city, the problem had not been totally solved yet, it had to be continue treated remotely from H.K.; but I have to say, you will forget all your tired when you saw your client feeling relief from their difficulties. By that time, I understood that, we are under the same sky.