Sitting cat

Out of focus wooden cat avatarIt's not easy to sit still, waiting and nothing to do, right? Hello, I am sitting cat, a wooden head cat sitting always and wait.

People ask me why can I doing nothing, but just sitting there, will it be a waste of time? I said, it's easy to make yourself busy, being important to be existing on earth and fill up your every minute; but if you can free up some space in your mind and your heart, it's not only good to yourself to clear up your thoughts, and at the same time, there will be a place always ready for someone who need to access, to retrieve from lost or fail. Would it be nice?

Especially for myself, I will wait to calm down when I am over-reacted, wait to forget the anger, so I can walk away from hatred; wait to forgive and be forgive, wait to be cured when I am sad, wait to think twice before I act.
.....So I am happy to wait and it means a lot to me.