No more tears

white flower on the beach, PhuketThis photo was taken on a beach in front of a hotel located in Phuket, year 2006. These flowers were attractive because they were growth after the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster in 2004.

Here, Nai Yang Beach was not the major affected area during that disaster, but still, the beach was destroyed and was still under reconstruction when I had visited. Staff were busy in their seasonal maintenance, and began to replant in the sand. Gardening and decoration could be re-built, for the sea itself, it was not suitable for swimming yet, it needed more time to recover, like people who lived and worked there.

Whenever I took a break, stood there, and looked at these flowers; the big contrast of the desert like beach to these pure and dedicate petal would remind me how fragile life could be compared with the power of nature, but on the other hand, life could also be as tough as a "Flaming Phoenix" that reborn if only if we have belief......Blessing to Haiti.