Insist stubborn

sweet potato mobile stall
When I saw this van, the first picture came to my head was red heated charcoal all around those nice sweet potatoes, you could smell from very far away on the street corner, feel the warmth,  and you just couldn't wait to buy one for a big bite immediately, especially during Winter time.

I am not sure whether they are still using charcoal these days, I guess and I wish they insist, because the taste of sweet potato will be different, if it isn't.

Year 2010, my own career is still being affected by the financial crisis. People and friends keep on telling me that I shall stop working as a design consultant only, but working with build, too; i.e. a main contractor, to gain more client and money. I do struggle for a while, I even plan to see if it is feasible; but when I look at this photo, I take a break from my worries and remind myself something once again that I insisted in the past 20 years......

......to be a design consultant, because I am a designer not a contractor even people say there is no conflict in this two roles, but actually it does. I am stubborn, even I don't have much work to do while the market is changing and my client can't /don't want to afford a design professional any more; and I am sure for some days later, I may come to a financial difficulties as a result. But what is the point to have my own company if I can't insist to be myself?

Will the sweet potato seller earn more living if it was being modernize with electrical equipment? or computerized? Yes! but I am sure he won't...that is what people's thought of his (my) stubborn, we guess.