The way home

Red leaves wall along street in Tokyo
In Chinese, we say 鳥倦知還, meaning when a bird flying anywhere, once it feels tire, it will return to it's nest. If reflect to a human, he or she will know the way home after passing his /her wild life.

To us, it may not be that extreme of being live in an uncontrollable or irresponsible life. But we may once leave our home sweet home, rushing into this secret world that is waiting for our exploration and discovery; to look for self value, respectful, excitement, freedom, ......when we were young. Did you?

Or we may not act in such a physical way, but let our free mind fly every where in the universe, then after knowing an infinity of new stuffs, receiving uncountable of new data, then what next?Try to apply those in our life? Try to act like what we admire?Without anyone to be responsible for, how free and amazing it would be.

Some people do have these kind of experience, by not setting any target, just go wherever there is a way out towards the world, to start their adventure without regret; instead of living like other people in a standard life cycle of studying, working, married, saving for house, car, pet and waiting to get old. They may gain or lose after all, but one day, they have to stop like Forest Gump stop running, take a break and find their way home. A place that always open to wait for their return, because there is our destination......our family.