Totoro figure at Ghibli museum
I am an animation character in a Japanese film, my name is Totoro. We, as a family live in the forest, we sleep on leaf bed with sky as blanket, our favourite food is chestnut, we walk & play everywhere in the town, even in the backyard of our human neighbour.

But let me tell you, only kid and small child will discover us, like the pair of sisters who live next to us. We meet in the forest and bus stop, they find us and play with us often. One day, their mother have to stay in the hospital for a long time,they miss her so much, so we bring them to the hospital by our totoro bus. It is a very high tech and high speed bus, very comfortable and I wish you will have a chance to try. 

Well, they finally see their mother while their father visited her, almost recover and most likely can return home very soon. These two girls feel so relieve and happily enjoy their short trip on the tree branches. And we are happy to make their wish come true.

You know, there is always a secret, there are miracle everywhere, but you must have a simple heart as pure as a kid, they will believe the unbelievable. We just can't wait to be discovered and be friends with you, .......Oh, oh, we have to sleep now, good night.


margg. said...

I loved the movie Totoro.
It was so lovely :)

Patrice said...

I love it!
Reminds me of when I use to day dream as a kid or have those little imaginary friends :)
I like what you did to your blog, adding more gadgets to the side.

Stop by my other blog some time: http://stu-dentdiaries.com

protoworkannie said...

Wish we all have a pure heart of kid.

Margg, you can read & speak some Japanese, it's amazing, so you can enjoy a lot more from this film.

Patrice, thanks. I will gradually add some gadgets in the future, but need to select and accumulate more readable content first.

Sure, I will visit your new blog after my breakfast right after, good day.

wasaweb.net said...

Totoro brings back memories of my childhood. I've shown it to children who were not even born when the film was made, and they absolutely like it too.

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