Never too early

Coffe and noodle at early morning
It was 4:00a.m. in the morning, I just climbed onto my bed at 1:00a.m., as far as I've remember, I was in a hotel of Nanjing, a local called "5 stars" hotel; their buffet breakfast were delicious, but how come I've got these? The reasons was I had to catch up with an 8:00a.m. international freight, so I booked a taxi at 6:00a.m. and I should check out at around 5:30a.m. But the worst thing was I woke up earlier even I was so tired. If you were me, would you forced yourself to sleep for another 45mins.? It's difficult, really really difficult.

So finally I decided to pack and finish my instant noodle + instant 3in1 coffee for an instant "refresh".

In normal practice, to arrive the airport 2 hours earlier for international departure is quite common, especially in China, because you have to spare extra time of facing the unexpected delay by human issues; in addition, if you have hand carry luggage, you better boarding as soon as you can, otherwise your luggage storage above your seat will most likely be occupied by someone else; then you have to say goodbye to your bags and hopefully they are safe in 10 rows in front of yours.

But there are always an exception. I remembered I did arrive Nanjing airport at around 6:30a.m. assuming I could start check in immediately, but the fact was all passengers waiting outside the gate (the international departure zone is usually smaller then the domestic without much to shop or to eat) together with their huge packs of souvenirs, until 7:30 something, all rush towards the counter at once, you can imagine how messy it was?! Don't worry, I will leave those details.

At that moment, I regret to give up my sleeping time and deluxe breakfast to wait outside the gate; but if I have to re-arrange again, I am sure I will have the same schedule, because there is never too early; just like our life, by having one minute extra, you may have a chance to reverse the whole story. 

P.S. - Blessing to people affected by the Iceland volcano ashes, wish they can return home very soon.