Twilight Zone

Twilight in blue sky of Phuket
Many years ago, there was a T.V. show called "Twilight Zone", talking about all supernatural things that happened in this area. I was attracted by every stories and not willing to miss any; but unfortunately, it showed only one season and finished, not like now a day, we can have 3 or 4 seasons, like House - my another favourite.

Everyday we will go through this twilight period, but may be we are usually in our school or company, especially for those who always need to O.T. like myself. When I started to have my own company, my working time is more flexible, so I can have more chance to enjoy this special moment of a day...which I loved most.

When the sun is gone in the afternoon sky, the "twilight blue" replace as a curtain behind; dull yellowish street lamp begins to glow, neon sign brings out all fabulous colour that reflect onto the street, it suddenly transform from a concrete surface to a semi-transparent one, seems it is not actually there. The air humidity is different now, the air flow is still but not forever, within a minute, you know somethings happening out there...it's not the end of a day, but just a start of another period.

Yes! I always stop in the center of the road whenever the "twilight blue" arrives, and wait for everything to happen...every time! It just totally capture my thought, I am addicted to it.

To me, this moment represents a miracle time to people who wish to take a break from a hard day, who want to remedy of anything done wrong in the afternoon, or who regret of what he said to his pal in the early morning...there is a chance in this special moment. When the sky turns into a deep dark blue, we can choose either stay still in our miserable or act to prepare for another new day.