My Saturday morning

Japanese style miniature living room
It is a sunny morning, wind breeze that wakes me up, soft and comfort...sometimes it is a bit lonely in this small house, but I love the tranquil, especially on Saturday morning. 

The day without schedule that I can sit next to the window, watching cloud for as long as I wish; or brew a cup of coffee, read my lovely magazine. I love to watch the "light and shadow" show, they change in minutes to tell the time fly.

No computer, no mobile call, the silent moment that cost not a penny, what we need to do is let it happen and "enjoy".


Patrice said...

Totally agree!
Sometimes we just need time to ourselves.

Thank you so much for being so active on my blogs. It means a lot to me =)

protoworkannie said...

Thanks and you're welcome. It also means a lot to me to have chance reaching meaningful blogs like yours.
Add oil to both of us :)

margg. said...

sounds rather lovely to me :)

protoworkannie said...

be my guest :)

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