Who ring the bell?

Metal door bell above little blue flower
Life can be so peaceful when we are settle down and familiar with the routine. Job, house, car, savings, family & pets are all there, well planned; what we need to do is keep working hard to sustain all these conditions in a safe mode.

But how about if one day, everything is no more in the control of our hand? Unstable market, health problem, lost of job, broken relationship...it's just the start of a nightmare. No matter how hard we try to reverse the situation and wish all can be back to normal, we are still stuck into the dead end without a glimpse of light.

We need to take a break now, then you may notice someone who is ringing the bell right outside of your door, the door of your heart? Do you know them? "Mr. Change & his son Mr. Chance!"

We  do know them in a lot of occasions, but it needs too much courageous for us to open the door; because we know once we let the father in, we have to face unexpected changes, we don't know whether we can still have strength to walk through, especially at this exhausting moment. Could his son brought us a chance of survive or just another chance to be destroyed even further? 

Go now! just open it and let things to happen, it's the only chance for you to change the worst; don't wait or otherwise it will be too late.