Reading blogs

Recently, I  have changed my habit of reading blogs from daily to once a week. It seems it is more suitable to me, instead of a bit rush every morning to complete something follow by starting my daily project, I spare 1-2  hours on one morning within the week, get ready with my cup of coffee and start reading from my Google reader, wherever there are posts attracting me, I will click into the blog and read in details. 

Originally I thought ready blog should be fresh everyday to follow the author's post, but it is even more enjoyable for me to read all posts at once, like to see a movie from the beginning till the end. 

Another change is to find new blogs from the blogs I followed, instead of from "The coffee shop", I discover that there will be greater chance for me to find suitable blogs to read in this way, may be it's because the bloggers I like are unconsciously selected good blogs for us. Thankssss...