My minute

Just finished my "Google reading" that accumulated for over a months time, so enjoyable. Although some good news and some bad news, everybody are basically fine and keep up with their living. That is the strange but lovely feeling that we have while reading blogs, to care some one who may not know you and existing in different corners of the world, so amazing.

Sometimes when I read posts that talk about the season change in their country, or having heavy rainy days throughout the week...,etc. I can almost feel the same here...may be it's because of the nature, all in common no matter what culture you are, what language you've speak; we are living under the same space.

Last month I was too busy and couldn't spare a minute to write or read blogs, but truly speaking, I had some spare time, but no spare mind. To sit down and write something is not difficult, but to write my heart...I need peaceful and quiet environment, like what I am having right now.

It will be the first birthday of this blog in the coming November, my original decision is to finish my last post in November, I am not sure, still thinking of it, may be it's cruel of just giving my blog one year's life, and may be it's too cruel either, to stop communicate - seems it's not a perfect choice...I have to figure out, promise!