What left behind?

Abandon building in Shek Kip Mei
If you see my drawing on this photo, you may think I am going to talk about architecture, lost of culture & memories...yes! this is the original preference. But when I finally decided to post this photo, I am in a situation of whether to continue blogging or not?

This morning, the last week in October 2010, I am struggling whether this should be the last post and therefore I can complete my whole one year of blogging life perfectly...and then, after this post, what left behind?
I keep on asking myself, "coffeebreak by protoworkannie" will be vanished, lost in this internet world which only takes a few seconds via a years' time, but in reality, this is nothing compare with others. How about to myself, what left behind? 

A memory of sharing? A moment of joy?  A time to take a break? A chance to make friends? A channel to learn from others? A page to draw? ......A valuable experience in my life !

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all followers & readers, reading this post in purpose or just by chance. Especially thanks to:

Wasaweb - he brings this blog alive, I can always enjoy good photos from his posts.
Patrice - her always support and brings sunshine to me, especially when I am depress.
Margg. - a little bird who whistle every morning so I can fly in my dream.

I have to take my break now, if one day...may be one morning, I start to write again, I wish you are still here. May God bless you all :)


Patrice said...

Oh no, it's sad to see you go. I wish it weren't so...but I believe you have your reasons so I'll let you be.
I'll be here when/if you decide to come back.

protoworkannie said...

Thanks Patrice. See u in your post :)

www.wasaweb.net said...

I wish you all the best! Though I'm saddened that you have decided to take a break. Hopefully it won't be a long break.

It's autumn in London. All the leaves are falling, and soon the winter shall come. It's been a bit hectic over the past few weeks, and I hadn't been able to do much. It would be too long and tedious to recount everything.

Now, I was settling down, with a mug of coffee, and catching up on reading other people's blogs.

Again, all the best!

protoworkannie said...

Thanks, Wasaweb. It's nice to hear you again, will wait to read your blog & feel the journey in your photos. May God Bless you all :)

margg. said...

no, thank you.

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