Paradise Visa

Balcony seating in Phuket hotel
I have this photo "sitting" in my file for a long long time, I always think it has already been posted, but whenever I checked my record, it was not.

May be I am having too many posts for telling people to take a break, eventually this scenery was etched onto my mind.

It's always enjoyable for us to prepare our vacation, especially after a hard working period. Starting from choosing a destiny, looking for companion, applying the annual leave, planning the itinerary......finally start packing... ; all make us so exciting but sometimes exhausting, too. 

I was busy in last month and still have to be ready on call in October for my site work, so I can't get a vacation any how, but I did travel to "paradise" with my "boundless visa". 

I went to a cafe at late dinner time, finished the tasteless dishes as expected; but when I was having my cup of coffee, looking window outside by my tire eyes and non-reacting body, I felt I was in paradise - a piece of glass separating the world outside, I left my work, my phone call...just behind this glass, right outside..."I am relaxing here, a corner in the last 15 minutes before it closed."

Some days later, I was walking on a street with my "dead shell", it was a place for local people who could only afford their basic living there, rarely enjoy a vacation - what we normally interpreted to be out of town. But I felt peaceful, just so relaxing to walk around, people living in reality, no crazing shopping, no high tea, no net-book, no i-phone...all back to basic - at that moment, I felt I was in paradise again.

See, I travel twice ! Simple and un-predictable. I am now having my "boundless visa" in my pocket at anytime, I hope you will get one too, it's free...enjoy :)