Be my guest

Be my guest_Jardins Secret
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Sorry sorry sorry...this is always the major problem of an indie writer...especially me, a forgetful bird. I remember to write my books, to prepare "behind the scene" blog posts and scheduled to upload; distribute to my reviewers as well as to other e-platforms...but forget the watercolor in center pages of each book, which is also one of the element that I would like to share with you.

Although Book Six - Hear Me has just released this month, it's better for me to carry on with the watercolor in Book Four - Jardins Secret.

"Be my Guest" is the title of this drawing, I don't actually own an apartment in Paris, of course...but dreaming of ;) Haussmann style is a Must !! with a balcony, near the river Seine...that's all; it seems not much criteria have to be fulfilled, it's not easy.

Same as Hong Kong, Paris is small & crowded with peoples, both local as well as immigrant & tourist, so the rent is super high unless you are willing to sacrifice the location & flat size. There is hopeless to live along the Seine at the 1 er or 5 er, but streets a little bit set back is fine, if I get one?! 

Haussmann style architecture is gorgeous but most of them don't have an elevator or air conditioning, for those include these two facilities...rare = higher rental per month. So, you can imagine what your daily life will be if you are living at 5th floor or the roof (usually with balcony); but on the other hand, I am sure you will look super fit within a months time.

I am fascinating with the Parisian balcony, it don't has to be a large one. The most attractive elements are always the wrought iron balustrade, raw plastering finishes wall & flooring, French windows, a bit narrow & long shape but good enough for a mini breakfast table/chair, plus, floral, floral, floral...together with a coffee & baguette every morning here, I am dying for!

Keep Dreaming & never quit :D