Treadmill...to Die for ?!

Treadmill with no one


Baby crawl on treadmill

Why am I here? a baby of one year.
Mom,  what is this for, do I need to crawl? 

Baby and a teenage girl running on treadmill

Hey, baby can you try once more,
as fast as you could so I can move
my teacher is waiting 
exams are haunting
I must be hurry cos’ year two is coming !

Baby, teenage girl and a working class running on treadmill

Hey, little girl don’t block my way,
I have proposals & dozens of meetings 
my clients are waiting 
big boss is haunting 
I must be hurry cos’ probation is ending 

Baby, teenage girl, working class man & a couple running on treadmill

Hey, young man please keep running,
We shall follow you on the same paving 
our business are failing
our mortgage is haunting 
We must be hurry cos’ the bank is closing !

Baby, teenage girl, working class, couple & elderly running on treadmill

Hey, Mr & Mrs don’t falling 
old pa & grandma are chasing 
keep the tread smoothing 
her doctor is waiting
Nursing home’s quota is holding  
We must be hurry cos’ our last chance can’t be missing ! 

Baby, teenage girl, working class, couples, elderly and a coffin on treadmill

Hey, everybody don’t panic 
I am done with no more rush
Plug off the treadmill cos’ I don’t need to run
The god of death is haunting  
My graveyard is waiting 
 send me a daisy if you are willing
the beauty of nature that I missing !