Listening_Hear Me watercolor painting
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I will say this is Part Two of "Hide and Seek", when I was thinking of what to draw in the center page for Book Six - Hear Me, lots & lots of images flash into my mind, they may be real or, are only some wishes that I would like to see someday. Both hide & seek/ hear me & listening would not exist without someone to act, problems remain if nobody care. 

I've always said that "melancholy" happen not only in Paris, but everywhere in the world, we can just ignore them if we think they are the norm, or begin to act bit by bit starting from peoples around us and therefore, this is not merely "wishes" !

Covid-19 pandemic may further increase the distance between us, but a lesson that we've all learnt - to treasure those around you in your life, the bonding of human beings always last wherever we are. 

So, at the end, I make use of the gramophone to deliver the message knowing that there is always someone who is willing to listen as well as to assist. May God bless our planet!