City on the rock

Building on the slope in Chongqing

Chongqing is one of the most special city in Sichuan Province of China that I've ever visited.

In Summer, it is so hot up to 40 degree C, as what people said it is one of the "Three Furnaces" in China; but in Winter & early Spring, it is cold and humid, so damp that everywhere are covered up by a sheer of fog, so it is also know as the "Fog Capital".
I had a chance to visit it in both seasons, although it was only a one day business trip, I loved this city, what I've saw were so unforgettable.

There was only 20 minutes distance from airport to downtown (by taxi), very convenience; the first picture I've saw after leaving the airport was a highway on Jialing River, the highway was running in a South to North direction, where the river was from East to West. I had an amazing experience during the dry season, when the water level was so low that I barely saw the river bed and then while looking outside from the window, I discovered that the river was in a valley shape, so deep and I ...together with the taxi was so tiny...Wow! this was the "craftsmanship of nature".

Not a second, we were in the entrance of the Fog Capital, the buildings of downtown were almost right in front of us, but suddenly they all vanished...and appeared again...and vanished. I knew, we were in Sichuan now, where lots of mysterious stories created here, then a music tune of "X-file" appeared in my head.

My taxi driver brought me to reality...I reached Hilton Hotel, it was located in a commercial area along the mountain slope.  Yes! there were mountains everywhere, what I've saw the residential building around us, they were constructed on the hill slope, so interesting and special; if compared with those modern high rise, these were more harmonize to this city.

To keep this post short, I have to stop by telling you the "morning walk in the mist" in the morning after breakfast, must do and don't rush. They are definitely the best "distilled water" for our mind after a busy day. Hope you can feel all these one day, trust me, an unforgettable experience that can't be expressed in my text.