Internet without boundary ?!

I am starting a Chinese blog in this few weeks talking about Design Life, you may know it is always been a difficult decision for me to blog in Chinese or English, I prefer using latter as it is more international, meaning more people can have a chance to read what I wrote. But during the research, I've finally discovered that, Internet world are not always connected in some countries, like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Japan.

Besides of the political reason, it will be the language and cultural difference. Most of the bloggers in H.K. & Taiwan blogging in Yahoo (Chinese) instead of Blogger, we have only 1-2 active forums here, even worst than Taiwan. China condition is self explanatory, whereas Japan has their own specific language...that's why, as those experience bloggers said " we need to do a lot of work behind for the exposure of our blogs", or even MORE in Asian world.

I had an experience while scrolling blogs randomly, the first visit was my last because the author was so frustrated to continue blogging due to no or less followers/ readers. I feel sad and hope they can continue after recovery. 

Internet world makes our life so difference and it is affecting our emotion, too. We feel the joy and sad of others, no matter they are true or not; when you find others is working hard for their living or life, you gain energy,too; but if someone quit, you feel the "pain".

There are so much time and effort we need to dedicate into our blog world, is it worth at the end? I can hear from you...definitely, yes! At least I am sure it will be a learning experience in our life to share and to hear.

O.K. finally, if you do have interest to view our Cocoa Design Life, be my guest. But I didn't put a translator there because it is not working in Cantonese (hopefully I can find a better one in future), just let me know if you what to understand any of it, I will translate it manually and re-post here for you. No matter how, your click will be my treasure, thank you all.