A corner for me

Miniature bedroom with kitten
Mow, I am a kitten living in the toy house of protowork annie, it is a small place, no luxurious decoration, but cosy. Actually what I need is only a small corner right next to her bed, you may find I always like to take a nap here, I feel relax because I trust this is a safety place. 

Trust-is something seems simple but not easy to be developed. Although it should be the natural character of human beings, what they call a mutual trust; they can easily be ruined by anything which we, as a pet don't quite understand.

We trust our master, a simple and pure relationship, no extra demand, just "love" and "comfort" that we can shared between each other, is it too simple in our world but not in humans' ? I am not sure but I wish everybody on earth can enjoy this as easy as we have.


Patrice said...

hmm...I wonder if animal's world are as complex as ours

protoworkannie said...

hopefully not, because I would like to be a cat or a bird in future :)

GuruGeoff said...

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protoworkannie said...

Hi gurugeoff,
welcome to coffeebreak, sure, I will take time to visit yours, good day :)

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