Something out there !

Highrise in the fog of Tokyo

When we are walking in fog, fear, uncertain, danger...lots of thoughts rushing in, leading us to an imagination of something bad is waiting for us. Well, if you say, No! I am not, in a contrary, I will feel exciting, curious, expecting something special that is waiting for me; may be another heaven like garden in front, a man whom I loved, or a sunshine just right behind...Great, this is what I was & what I am now.

I was afraid of fog, especially right in the center of it, because I had an experience of total lost in mind when I was standing alone on the hill side and surrounded by a thick layer of fog which appeared suddenly, I couldn't see my friend and all the nearby environment within 1 foot. The feeling was horrible, seems I was in another planet and something bad was going to be happened - say "vanishing of myself". 

But if we can take a break , take a deep breathe and wait, the fog will gradually "run" away, everything becomes clear, or even a surprise for us - last time, a beautiful garden appeared right in front of me and sunshine. So, it may not be a dead end, it only depending of what we drive our expectation towards the good or the bad side.

Today, I may still feel helpless when I am in the fog again, but I am sure what I've expecting to see afterward is something good, so I can move on.