Centre Pompidou Paris

Day 2 : Sunny / Cold morning

Street behind Centre Pompidou Paris

0600 in the morning, after  "fully charged" last night, I am eager to start my adventure, but...Pompidou opened at 1100, so I have plenty of time to walk from hotel started by a simple breakfast of croissant + double espresso at Le Corona.

Walking around the street(Rue in French)nearby, it's always amazing to chase the shadows of sunlight, one of my favorite exercise; it leads me to a lot more rue out of my itinerary, and I don't mind getting lost if I have time...they are so beautiful...Bonjour stranger :D

Inside Centre Pompidou Paris

As most of you may know that Pompidou has an unique architecture formed by an inside out design concept with pipes of plumbing, air & electrical cable,...etc mainly exhibit Modern & Contemporary Art. I can access quickly within minutes with my Pass, when I enter the hall, the neon sign at far end drawn my attention because it looks a bit vintage :D - my other favorite.   

Up to the 5th floor, you will see a
The Stravinsky Fountain in Paris
spectacular outdoor view and while riding up the escalator, this is another interesting view that I've found: see? a lovely fountain with colorful modern art sculpture, a square for people gather around in the space of "modern & classic".

Actually, 5th floor is my target, showcases of artist between 1905 to 1970 mixed up with others like Picasso, Matisse, Kandinsky, Pollock...,etc. It's worth to spend a few hours to see them one by one. 
Studio 13/16 in Centre Pompidou Paris
I love to walk from the highest level that I can access (due to the
Pass restrictions, like Pompidou, I can't access 6th floor this time, but...I'll be back, ha ha!)because
when reaching the G/F or basement floor, my "fuel tank" should be emptied and ready to "Sortie". 

The art pieces inside are really gorgeous but I am sorry that I can't post the photos here due to copyright issue. So, here I've got one interior decor on the 4th floor, interesting right? This will lead you to a workshop for teenagers from age 13-16, quite fresh.

Well, when I've finished further down until reaching the G/F,it's around 1500. My spirit is high & full of happiness, but my body is exhausted. So...

Espresso pancake breakfast in Paris
Lovely café near Centre Pompidou...my fuel here! return to a shop at the rue I've passing by this morning. To me, the food is not important provided there is an espresso, but some other things always interested me and invite me to stay, guess what...?

...here it is! What a lovely"stop"of my first half day...what next?