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Day 4: Rainy night/ 18061 steps
Gallery 845 in The Louvre Paris
Excluding the Reception floor,there are 4 levels in total of three wings: Denon, Sully & Richelieu. Every guide book will tell you that, Plan your route carefully & don't expect you can visit all rooms.

It's 101% true, there are around 464 exhibition rooms/galleries in The Louvre, I started from 0930 till 1930, guess how many rooms I've been staying?...I mean staying is viewing the art pieces in detail, not simply passing by, it's only 184/484. So, my originally planning of 184 x 2.5days = 460 will be quite close to reality.I am so envy to those locals I guess, who can have a seat in front of their favorite painting, to practice with their own drawing technique there, in a timeless environment, how lucky they are, I wish I could...

As a monument from the 12th century, and was transformed/extended into a museum in 1793, you can find numerous traces of the past inside, some are renovated in purpose to cope with the exhibited art pieces. There are always picture in picture, frame in frame... the spatial design are fascinating. 

Today, you can access their web site to study most of the important collections in the museum, comfortably at home, but if possible, it's still worth to visit once in a life time.

Deluxe cosmetic boxI've spend most of the time for all the Paintings, Greek/Roman Antiquities as well as Europe sculpture. But there are some treasure do draw my attention,like this!

It's cool, isn't it?!If my memory is correct, it is a traveler's make-up kit for ladies, so...so...cute yet luxurious,do you want one?

Well, may be it's enough for Musée du Louvre, although I still want to let you know some interesting people that I've met today, may be sometimes later if I still remember...:P

For the time being, I have to sortie in the rain, with my "fuel",Au revoir!