Musée Rodin

Day 3: Cloudy Morning
Postcard view of Musée Rodin in Paris
Musée Rodin

I love paintings more than sculpture, so originally, Musée Rodin was not in my itinerary,but thanks to my friend Lorraine, she told me, almost "force" me :P said " Trust me, you MUST visit Rodin, it's worth to go!!!"...and that's why I am here.

This is a typical post card shot of this museum, although the weather is not perfectly clear, it still reflects a sort of classic mansion feel found in some of the TV series, and actually it is a restored Hotel Biron with a beautiful rose garden.

I walk from hotel at 0830 towards the left bank arriving here at 1000, why take so long? because I am walking slowly, almost 80% slower compare with the momentum in Hong Kong, "intentionally" and naturally when I was landed in Paris. Entering the museum, the very first thing I've seen is...she!

Young girl with roses on her head sculpture in Musée Rodin
Young Girl with roses on her hat - 1865-1870 by Auguste Rodin

I have to confess, she changed my entire world of sculpture, I stay with her for almost half an hour. I don't know why, simply looking into her face and eyes, it seems she is talking to me, asking me to join her in her past...I am "trapped" by her, and I think this is why Rodin is so extraordinary! I want to leave her and move forward to the other art pieces for almost three times, I failed!

She is the most touching sculpture art piece in my journey - a note that I'd like to write down before I forget.

I have a habit when visiting exhibition, read the title only after perceiving the art piece in my own way, and if only if it's necessary to find out more; otherwise, I love to leave the memory right there in the mean time.

You may ask why I didn't use this picture in my book if I am so fond of her?...I think, may be I just don't want to "interrupt"...