Petit Paris - Entrée Sortie

New release Entrée Sortie ebook cover by Oiseau Distrait
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Hi Hi, 

Whenever I am devoted to something, I shall never know time flies, it's almost three months since the publication of my first book. 

Book Two will soon be released on 3 May 2020, and pre-order is accepted right now in Google Books.

After the first day of exploration around Pont Neuf, I was ready to start the journey of museums in Paris. First of all, what I needed to know was these two French words:-

Entrée = Entrance
Sortie = Exit 

If you do remember, I had a target in this trip - to find a painting in The Louvre; but also to visit 6-8 museums if I could. 

Museum in Paris are huge in space, I might need to spend at least half day inside even not looking the art pieces one by one in details as expected, but you never know; even though I did reserve two & a half days for The Louvre, it comes out I spent one whole day there only, Why? I'll let you know later, but first, lets start our journey from Centre Pompidou in next post. See you!