...Day 3 continue in the cloudy morning

I am not any sort of expert or professional in the era of sculpture, when I started visiting exhibitions in Hong Kong since Henry Moore, it could rarely evoked my interest to stay long,...until today.  

First of all, I have to say sorry that I don't remember the title of these sculpture, but they are worth to look into details. I have another habit when perceiving sculpture, I tend to view at the same height level first from 360 towards  720 degree at higher or lower levels; and usually they will reflect a lot more interesting/ beautiful silhouette or mass, like this; what do you think? The reflection of bronze is also amazing,too.

There are so many pieces of sculpture in the rooms, people are fond of "The Kiss"; me too but a lot more. Here is quite special as I think, so I look closely enough for a while and find something interesting, right in between the two figures (click to zoom larger)see if you discover "it", too?

The Kiss sculpture in Musée Rodin Paris
...yes! half way down there, is there a piece of book/newspaper shred inside as part of the "filling"...I wonder :D 

Besides this, "The Kiss" give me an impression of lover in a mature age but this, a more long lasting intimacy between two of them, nice and peaceful.

The Gate of Hell in Musée Rodin

There will never be an end if writing about Rodin's work, the best is for you to experience yourself. After a few more hours stay inside, one place I have to go before leaving, to visit "The Gate of Hell". 

Right in front of it, I immediately connect it to Dan Brown's Inferno and Dante's Divine Comedy. Some visitors think the features inside are quite erotic, when I look into details, touching the cold hard surface, what I see...is "Us" & the infinite desire...which eventually opening this gate...